Let’s Take a Look Inside the O Street Museum

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Let’s Take a Look Inside the O Street Museum

Come along this week as Libby takes us inside an interesting spot in our nation’s capitol.

When most people think of museums in Washington DC, they think of the vast array of Smithsonian museums found along the Capitol mall. But, wander over to O Street near Dupont Circle and you’ll find a hidden gem known as the O Street Museum. This quirky museum resides in what was originally designed in 1892 as a cluster of three row houses connected through the basements and main floor.

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Opened in 1998 and housed in what is now known at The Mansion on O Street, the museum includes art, sculpture, music, memorabilia and written manuscripts in its collection. The museum hosts concerts, book signings, talks, film screenings and tours throughout the year. Try not to get lost inside the mansion, which contains over one hundred rooms connected through maze-like passageways and 70 secret doors. Don’t worry, if you can’t find all the doors (few people can), you can extend your search with an overnight stay in one of the many themed guest rooms, including a two-story log cabin, a safari room and an art deco penthouse.

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Be sure to leave plenty of room in your suitcase for souvenirs. Nearly everything contained in the rooms is for sale, so you’re certain to find one or two tchotchkes to take home. Happy hunting!

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See you next time travelers!

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