Lee Altpeter


Lee Altpeter – Owner


Favorite Classic Movie: Robin Hood
Favorite Modern Movie: The Incredibles
Favorite Ride: Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

My name is Lee Altpeter. My wife became a travel agent, and I followed in her footsteps after I saw how much fun she was having. Along with our amazing partner we decided to open our own agency to help clients discover the magic of travel. Whether you are looking for a Disney vacation, a stay at Universal, a cruise, or a tropical resort getaway, I can help you plan it and have an amazing trip.


Living in Orlando, I am an annual pass holder to Walt Disney World & Universal. We are in the parks, restaurants, and resorts constantly to keep our clients up to date on the latest changes and updates. I must admit, I also have a bit of a cruise problem…. I have sailed on every ship in Disney’s fleet as well as other cruise lines. Cruises are amazing and I would love to get you on a ship to see why they are my family’s favorite type of vacation.


Where can I make magic for you?