Flower Power

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Flower Power

This week Libby focuses her lens on a subject rather than a destination. Let’s take a look at some amazing photographs of flowers Libby has found on her adventures. Do you take pictures of nature when you travel?

More than 270,000 different species of flowers have been discovered in the world and that number continues to grow daily. So, it’s no wonder that they seem to pop up in so many of my photos. Whether it’s visiting botanical gardens, exploring local parks or even shopping for colorful bouquets in a neighborhood flower market, I love using flowers to add a splash of color to photographs.

Looking to work on your photography skills? Flowers and plants are a great subject to practice on! They come in all sorts of shapes and colors, can be found pretty much anywhere and are very photogenic. Although you can find flowers year round, spring is undoubtedly my favorite time to take in all the glorious colors gifted to us when all the flowers, trees and blooming plants come back after their winter slumbers. When perennials start popping up and trees begin to burst into white and pink blossoms, I love heading outside to capture it all.

Whether it’s cherry blossoms in Washington DC, tulips in Amsterdam or any of the many colorful planter boxes that sprinkle the New York City streets with color every spring, I love taking it all in. So, what about you? Where do you like to go to find spring flowers?

Lee Altpeter