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Did you know that some of our MVPs have their very own podcast? Carl, Ryan, and Jon are the hosts of the very popular Dudes Dish Disney podcast which takes a look at travel from a guy’s perspective. Don’t worry ladies, dudettes are more than welcome as well. Join them weekly for discussions on a variety of travel topics as well as interviews with amazing guests. Be sure to check out their fun draft episodes where the dudes go head to head, often with a guest, to build a list which their listeners can vote on to determine the winner.

This weeks episode is about the festivals at EPCOT.
Dude's Dish DIsney Epcot Festivals cover photo
EPCOT is known for many things- and at the forefront of that are their 4 annual festivals. These festivals bring all sorts of Disney and non Disney fans into Walt Disney World. Whether you’re into art, or like to eat amazing and unique food, the EPCOT festivals bring something for everyone… and Jon couldn’t be happier because his main man is front and center at most of them. Let us spark your imagination as we cover EPCOT and its quarterly Festivals.

This week’s episode is now live and you can listen here:

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